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Lasagne at the George InnThis Sunday I spent the entire day catching up on a ‘To Do List’ that is never ending. A good part of it was spent putting the list into some form or hierarchy – I guess it’s all relevant – and as usual – managed a few things on the list and added a few more. By about 6pm I was getting hungry and could not be bothered to cook. We decided to take a drive to the neighbouring town of Christchurch.  It was the only thing we could think of at the spur of the moment, and as they say, ‘any port in the storm.’

We got to Christchurch and found a place to park and headed for a pub dinner at Ye Olde George Inn that is located centrally. For our dinner, we ordered a Lasagne and a Pizza named Michael Corleone (How original is that!) and sat outside in the courtyard.

The George Inn, Christchurch is one of those pubs that for a quick meal in a pub-type atmosphere is quite handy that it has an outside courtyard area where you can eat and there is usually a free table. This evening there seemed to be a few diners present that appeared to be more tourist than local.

Friendly service

A friendly waitress came with our food and settled us in. We did not have to wait long approximately about 15 minutes+ Ye Olde George Inn Courtyardmy partner’s lasagne looked quite tasty – except for the limp salad.

My partner seemed to like the lasagne and had no complaints. Then my pizza arrived, which appeared not to be what I had in mind. Though the ingredients seemed reasonably fresh they were all clumped together in the middle of the pizza, this included the Parma ham, chillies, spicy pepperoni, tomato and a large dollop of mozzarella.

The pizza was covered in oil. I’m not sure what it was it could have been a real low-grade olive oil or simply cooking oil. But this pizza was absolutely swimming in oil. On the bright side, it was not too bad. This could be due to me being very Michael Corleone Pizzahungry. The chillies were dumped whole as the sundried tomatoes on the pizza. There seemed to be no love put into this thing at all. On the side was a salad that was a little brown and wilted my partner had the same. At least with mine, they had thrown a few fresh green peppers and red onions to liven it up a bit. I asked the manager who passing by at the time if we could change the salad. He claimed that it has probably been sat under a hot lamp that is why it had that look about it. He did, however, change it.

The George Inn at Christchurch is not a bad place for a quick meal like a sandwich or similar. I am reluctant to recommend it for anything else. To be quite honest as I write this now my stomach feels a bit rough from the amount of oil on the pizza. Maybe the other dishes are fine as I heard no complaints from the other diners and as said above my partner enjoyed her lasagna. I just would not recommend the pizza.

How to find the George, Christchurch

Ye Olde George Inn,
2a Castle Street,
01202 479383





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