Brasserie Raymond Review, Brugge

Brasserie Raymond offers traditional French dishes that are cooked beautifully. The wine list is extensive and very good.

Goodbye Edge Restaurant

Hotel Du Centre Review, Wimereux

The Hotel Du Centre is a great hotel for a short trip or perhaps 4 of 5 days and is in wlaking distance to the sea, and a few short steps to the centre of Wimereux.

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Random Matter

John Saumarez Smith Author

A Very Bookish Holiday

I believe I alluded to bookish doings abroad in my last post ... and yes, the trip to London was amazing, at least from this bibliophile's point of view
Arthur Phillips Author


A spiritual adviser, Anne Montague, is summoned to the Barton's home to exorcise any pervading evil. So far, nothing out of the ordinary for a good Victorian chiller.
Ira Levin Author

Rosemary’s Baby

The absurdity of Rosemary's situation and the loss she finds herself at to explain it to herself and those she hopes can help her are writ painfully large in the book and film.
Donna Tartt Author

The Secret History

The Secret History really is, a mystery -- not so much of whodunit but whydunit. The novel explores the idea of how absolute ambition corrupts absolutely.

Live Eats

Casa Pepe Bistro

Located on Holdenhurst Road, Casa Pepe is a blend of Steakhouse and French Bistro with a little Scandinavian wood cabin feel thrown in for good measure.