Brasserie Raymond Review, Brugge

Brasserie Raymond offers traditional French dishes that are cooked beautifully. The wine list is extensive and very good.

Goodbye Edge Restaurant

Hotel Du Centre Review, Wimereux

The Hotel Du Centre is a great hotel for a short trip or perhaps 4 of 5 days and is in wlaking distance to the sea, and a few short steps to the centre of Wimereux.

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Random Matter

Space Travel – the Final Vacation

Hundreds - possibly thousands - of people will experience space travel fulfilling a lifelong ambition by being blasted into space.
Zoe Heller Author

What Was She Thinking?

Zoe Heller's mock tell-all narrated by a spinster history teacher who befriends a new colleague who winds up shagging one of her students.
Alan Bennett Author

The Uncommon Reader

I'm going to be like the subject of Alan Bennett's new novella and press it on everyone I meet. The Uncommon Reader -- a little gem that imagines how life in England
George Inn, Molash

Sunday Lunch Review, The George Inn, Molash

The Sunday lunch main course menu is stuffed full of a variety of meat and seafood dishes as well as a few vegetarian options.

Live Eats

Au P’tit Pâtissier Review, Wimereux

Au P'tit Pâtissier is a bakery with a small coffee shop located in the rear and serves a delicious cappuccino with fresh cream and freshly baked pastries.