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Oak Inn, ChristchurchPLEASE NOTE – The Oak Inn is no longer under the supervision of Mick and Jill Macauley and unfortunately no longer serving the same Sunday lunch.

One of our many resolutions this year is to get out into the beautiful great outdoors as many weekends as possible to photograph the local area and visit some of the historic sites in and around Dorset and Hampshire. We began yesterday not so much with a particular destination in mind but mainly to take a leisurely drive into the New Forest to enjoy the wintery landscape, as well as to test out our new Canon 17-40mm EF L lens, putting it through its paces with some landscape photography of the sprawling Dorset countryside in the gorgeous winter sunshine.

It being a Sunday, we decided we were more than entitled to indulge ourselves in the pleasure of diningRoad going through the New Forest on a traditional Sunday roast.  We had passed one establishment during our short expedition that advertised a ‘Roastery ‘, this we assumed was a ‘Carvery’.  After poking our heads in the door to take a look around the place we decide against it as the noise level was a little high for our quiet Sunday vibe and we were looking for something a little more laid-back to keep us in that mellow mood.  We also wanted to enjoy somewhere with a more traditional feel.  To our great delight just a short drive down the road we came across a sign advertising The Oak Inn – Sunday Roast £7.95!  Now salivating at the very thought of delicious roast potatoes smothered in gravy, we made our way directly to the traditional English pub.

Oak Inn ChristchurchThe Oak Inn is nestled down a narrow lane in Burton, Christchurch and proudly owned by Mick and Gill Macauley – a husband and wife team from Southend-on-Sea, Essex.   Cleary this friendly couple have put much care and effort into presenting their small and friendly pub that offers a fantastic Sunday roast dinner.

Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding

My companion and I both ordered the Roast Beef with all of the trimmings and honestly, neither of us was disappointed.  When it arrived the food looked the part – Traditional roast dinner with a glorious selection of vegetables including carrots, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli.  And of course, no roast dinner would be complete without yummy Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes, thick tasty gravy and horseradish.

The vegetables were beautifully cooked, retaining that firmness that sits in between firm and soft – basically, homemade perfection. Our real delight with regard to the vegetables was with the roast potatoes which were perfectly crisp (in the right places) and golden brown… yum.  When soaked in Gill’s rich delicious gravy they were one of the highlights of the meal.

Of course, the most important part of a Sunday roast has to be the meat itself and you will not be disappointed withSunday Roast Oak Inn the Oak Inn’s offering. Mick Macauley claims nobody makes a better roast than his wife – and you know, I think he could be right – certainly in this part of town.  The roast beef was tender and neither of us found any fat on the meat.  A joint perfectly cooked and so very flavourful!

Overall we give the Sunday Roast at The Oak Inn a BIG thumbs-up, not only for the taste but also for presentation and good old fashioned British Inn friendliness.  While many establishments who serve a roast pay little attention to the vegetables it is clear that the Oak Inn have gone that extra step.

If you are looking for a traditional Sunday roast lunch in Bournemouth then I would recommend the Oak Inn as your venue.  The Oak Inn has plenty of parking so call ahead and make your reservation for next Sunday.

We will definitely be returning to sample more delicacies from the fairly extensive menu of traditional food that Mick and Gill offer their clientele.


The Oak Inn
57 Martins Hill Lane
BH23 7NW

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  1. We have eaten there and enjoyed the food. Just to let you know they do have brown sugar 🙂 I agree the gravy rich and lovely. We would recommend this to our friends. Thanks Judy & Mike, Bournemouth x

  2. Thank you both for the comment. We have since returned and indeed brown sugar is served with the delicious cappuccino. We have updated the article to review to reflect this change and it remains one of the best sunday roast in Bournemouth.

  3. Keep the Sunday roast list coming I will be trying out this place in two weeks, thanks for the tip. You might also want to review or at least check out the King’s Arms in Longham. They have a very good roast dinner.

  4. Hi Carol, thanks for the feedback. Now that you mention it we had already planned to go there this month while we are doing some photo shooting in the area. I have also heard good things about the King’s Arms. Though I have not found anywhere yet that can beat the gravy at the Oak Inn.

  5. After a lovely day at the new forest we thought we would have a lovely family meal at the oak inn … when we got there the pub was dead we sat round the corner for a big table the landlord was over in the other corner with his friends getting marry .. No issues with that!! .. We couldn’t eat as they are not serving food yet! So our kids had some crisps .. there was older kids playing out the back coming in and out and we had 3 young children under the age off 4 . They were laughing at each other .. the manager was getting very unhappy because he wanted to just sit with his friends and have a drink .. well if my kids were playing up I understand . .. but they were being very good playing and playing nicely the pub was dead and he shouted he had enough!! How dare he!!! We told him well u have taken the park away no kids is going to kids at a table and not move!! He was very rude and clearly doesn’t like young kids .. this pub is not family friendly at all .. before this oak In was taken over it was brilliant now it’s not!! We wrote a bad review about the pub and then the hole pub made comments about our kids on there saying we live in councils houses .. this is bad for a pub to do this I will make sure everyone knows what the kids is like


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