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Hot Air Balloon over Egypt
Every year millions of tourists from all over the world are booking their holiday packages Egypt and flock to Cairo.  Becoming one of the top travel destinations in the world, it has never been easier with the scores of online vacation and holiday packages available to suit almost every taste and budget.

There is so much history and architectural splendour to savour in Egypt that will make your trip a worthwhile, once in a lifetime experience.  There are many tour operators and airlines offering cheap package deals and travel excursions that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, handling everything from airport transfers, airline reservations and luxury hotel accommodation to creating a schedule of fascinating and inspiring activities and experiences for you to enjoy whilst vacationing.

Up, up and away…

For example, from Luxor one may take a day trip to Cairo to view the land from a different perspective.   Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the awesome Valley of the Kings, gazing down at the Egyptian desert and River Nile as it snakes through the valley.    Also whilst in Cairo perhaps a tour of old Cairo city will inspire you as you stop off at Khan-el-Khalili bazaar to enjoy the sights, sounds and colours of one of the oldest street markets in the city.

Back in Luxor why not visit the World Heritage Site of the Temples of Karnak on Luxor’s East Bank, said to be the largest temple compound in the world.  Construction is estimated to have begun in the 12th Dynasty (1991-1785 BC) taking centuries to complete.  Stroll along the majestic Avenue of the Sphinxes which connects the Luxor Temple with the Temple of Karnak to the north – an incredible sight and experience!

Sharm El Sheikh holiday packages EgyptSharm El Sheikh in the evening with holiday packages Egypt

Another popular vacation destination is Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula where the beautiful coastline meets the Red Sea and holiday-makers can enjoy the natural treasures of this beautiful part of the world.  Take a day trip out to marvel at the brilliantly coloured coral reef from a glass bottom boat, or perhaps a more physical day of diving or snorkelling is more your cup of tea as you investigate the marine life of the Red Sea from beneath the waves.

For those who prefer the feel of the sand beneath their feet, then a Desert Safari may be more your style – enjoying the stunning landscape and images of the local Bedouin tribes as they go about their daily life.

Whatever your choice of activity, Sharm El Sheikh provides visitors with everything they desire from a vacation – sun, sea and entertainment, plus the vast array of accommodation from small intimate hotels in quieter neighbourhoods like Hadaba, to world-class luxury hotels and resort accommodation in bustling Naama Bay, heaving with activity day and night.

Your holiday packages Egypt vacation should be planned just the way you like it, to include visits to the historical and mysterious pyramids and temples of Cairo and Luxor, just lazing on the beach, or perhaps a combination of the two.  Speak to your tour operator to have them tailor your trip to your specific requirements and get the best out of your experience abroad.






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