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Gourmet BurgerBudgeting for your weekly shop has become the norm in these days of ever rising food prices so if there’s a way to save a few extra pennies then certainly we’ll all be happy to take it.   That’s where Westin Gourmet come in, offering a simple and straightforward way to buy meat online, they source and ship a large selection of superior gourmet meats throughout the UK.

Welfare of the animals is key in sourcing meat

Sourced from reputable farmers from Britain and Europe as well as other parts of the world, these grass-fed animals are reared by farmers who have a concern for the welfare of their livestock.

As Westin Gourmet state that animals fed on grass produce the ‘juiciest and most flavourful cuts of meat’, and having tasted several different cuts I’d have to agree wholeheartedly – extremely fresh, succulent and tasty – it would be hard to find a more appetising cut of meat elsewhere!  Not only that but prices of this online butcher are wholesale and thus the products you purchase are even cheaper than you can expect to pay at the local supermarket.   So convinced are Westin Gourmet that their prices are the lowest possible that they offer to refund twice the difference if you are able to find their cuts of meat cheaper elsewhere.

Health Benefits of Free Range Meat

Westin Gourmet diligently label all their free range meats

Flame grilled burger at the Good Food Kitchen
Flame grilled burger at the Good Food Kitchen

from ‘farm to plate’, meaning that they are able to trace the exact location the meat came from.  Meats are cut on the very day the order is shipped out to allow for the ultimate in freshness, and even the packaging and meat delivery service is of a superior standard – with fresh gourmet meats being vacuum-wrapped, surrounded by ice packs and then shipped to your door in sturdy insulated cool boxes.  I’ve taken meat straight from the packaging and popped directly into the pan.   I love this company, they have thought of everything.  Also if you go to the special deals tab on the website you’ll find incredible special deals on various cuts of meat from huge sirloin steaks to cuts of lamb, pork and deliciously seasoned sausages – mmm… my mouth’s watering at the very thought!

Of course the benefits to eating grass-fed meats from Westin Gourmet are manifold – Free range meats and other products are better for the diet in that they are lower in fat content and therefore fewer calories, they have as much as 2-3 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids compared to meat from grain-fed livestock, and they are higher in Vitamin E.  By allowing animals to roam free the farmers are able to rear healthy animals that produce a better cut of meat both from the health and taste perspective!


Just sign up to Westin Gourmet using the link below and you will receive an award-winning corn fed chicken worth £15.00.







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