Lunch at the Urban Beach Hotel


Urban Beach barMost of us will have a favourite local spot that we like to haunt; one of mine is the Urban Beach Hotel in Bournemouth. I have been going since Mark Cribb its owner opened for business. I have several conditions on what makes a place good, being location, atmosphere, and food. The Urban Beach meets all this and more.

Located within a short drive to where I live, and a five minute plus walk to the beach, it makes the ideal location for lunch, a drink, and a place to sit and do some work with the added free WiFi.  In the summer months, Urban Beach has outdoor seating which makes it very popular with the locals and others from further afield. I have never stayed at the hotel itself so I could not comment on the rooms, but the food is great and a mix of European, Mediterranean, and Tex-Mex thrown in for good measure.

Focaccia sandwich with Parma Ham at Urban Beach

Caesar salad at the Urban Beach

I ordered the Caesar Salad with Chicken breast and a friend, David Frankel, had their open Focaccia sandwich with Parma Ham. We ordered with it a fresh squeezed juice from their Juice bar, I had Carrot and Orange, while David a Spicy Virgin Mary. A slight debate broke out between David, myself and the lovely waitress Eszter about what a non-alcohol Blood Mary is actually named. I thought it was a Virgin Bloody Mary, I am now informed it is simply a Virgin Mary.

Mark Cribb, owner at the Urban Beach Hotel & Bistro

We had a brief chat with Mark our host and the owner of the Urban Beach who always appears to be greeting familiar customers, this makes a good restaurant owner the appreciation that customers do return.

I would recommend the Urban Beach to anyone in Bournemouth or is intending to visit.

Urban Beach Hotel & Bistro
23 Argyll Road



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