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The Phoenix TavernFabulous Faversham

Steeped in history, Faversham is a delight to visit year round.  Dating back to Roman times, Faversham boasts the remains of a 2000-year-old theatre; many beautifully cared for ancient houses, and two barns (part of the privately owned Abbey Farm) that date back to 1425 – these are the only remaining structures of the Abbey that once stood here.  There’s also the historic Guildhall which was originally built as a market hall by the local townspeople in around 1547.  It’s still used today by local stall holders selling everything from organic baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, to second-hand bric-a-brac and more.   Faversham is the perfect location to visit and enjoy a casual afternoon stroll at the weekend, but for us, it was a good excuse to get out and sample more delicious culinary delights from local eateries.

The Phoenix Tavern Hail Bop Live

Just a short stroll from the market square and you’ll find yourself on Abbey Street, home to The Phoenix Tavern.  The minute you walk through the door at this quaint 1330’s medieval hall house, you receive a friendly, chatty welcome from Rachael, who turns out to be our waitress for the afternoon.  Having booked in advance, we are immediately taken to our table and offered a menu.

Since it is Sunday afternoon, what better choice on the menu than their traditional Sunday Roast.  They are out of Pork, ‘it’s been a busy afternoon’, says Rachael, but we already have our hearts set on the Roast Beef, with all the trimmings, so no problem there!

The crowd here is a mix of all ages – locals and visitors alike, which makes for a really comfortable, laid-back atmosphere.   We are eating late today but happily surprised to find that The Phoenix host Live Jazz musicians from 4.30pm each Sunday, today we are treated to some great jazz by Hail Bop, which is the perfect accompaniment to our experience here.

Support your local produce!

Keeping it local, Rachael, tells us that The Phoenix source all their produce locally with meats coming from Barkaways the Butchers, and fresh vegetables, fruits and groceries from Macknade Fine Foods.

Phoenix Tavern Owner is David Selves who admits he’s no publican but from what we can see he certainly knows a thing or two about running a tight ship, offering excellent service and employing friendly, courteous wait-staff – which makes for a winning combination!  He also hosts regular charity events in aid of organisations such as Kent Air Ambulance and Macmillan Nurses, so he’s constantly thinking of the community!

Sunday Lunch Awaits

Wow, the beef looks like it’s cooked to perfection – nice and pink in the middle making my mouth water in readiness for the great event!!!  A small selection of mixed vegetables accompanies the meal, as do roast potatoes (my favourite), amazingly large Yorkshire pudding, horseradish and a (requested) additional supply of thick gravy.  As assumed, the roast beef really is unbelievably tasty and delicious – tender too – sadly, though, it’s a little on the cold side… no problem there, Rachael immediately removes the plate, returns it to the kitchen and is back in a relatively short time with a newly plated offering, with humblest apologies from ‘chef’.  This time, it ticks all the boxes!

Add to this, the roast potatoes are crunchy and soft in the middle – as we like them, the Yorkshire that’s crunchy and yummy, veggies that are… well… veggies, and the horseradish that has to be one of the best we’ve ever tasted…. home-made for sure with large chunks of fresh horseradish evident – I’d say that’s a first for us! And wonderfully thick, tasty gravy top the meal off!

Gripe: My only gripe would be that the selection and quantity of vegetables are lacking, and definitely a few more roast potatoes are needed on that plate (that’s me – I’m a piggy for them) – however, this wouldn’t stop me from returning here again.

Overall we’d give The Phoenix a huge thumbs up – we’ll definitely be back very soon to sample more from their varied menu.

The Phoenix Tavern,
Abbey Street,
ME13 7BH
Telephone: 01795 591462









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