Lateef Indian Restaurant Review, Sittingbourne


Lateef Indian buffetIf you are local to Sittingbourne then you’ll know that elegant, stylish restaurants are hard to find, but there is one local establishment that can always be relied upon to not only provide a sumptuous meal but also a chic environment in which to relax – that’s Lateef Indian Restaurant!

So what makes Lateef one of the best Indian restaurants in Sittingbourne and a jewel in the heart of Kent?  Let’s start with first impressions.

Style, Chic & Professionalism
Clearly, the owner, Mok (Mokbul Hussain) is aware that appearance is of great importance, hence the extremely well-dressed staff in authentic Kurta attire – it’s a lovely touch and immediately makes you feel like this team know what it’s all about!  One is always greeted with professionalism, a gentle smile, and demure manner.   I would venture to say it is a rare thing to find such qualities in other restaurants, no matter what the location.

The Extensive Indian Menu

Lateef offers an extensive menu of all the traditional Indian favourites as well as some unique contemporary cuisine, adding a modern ‘twist’ to many traditional dishes.

Our Particular Favourites     
For appetisers, if you’ve never been tempted by the Special Awal Gosht, then think again. This dish is absolutely a must, and fabulously delicious.  A grilled pepper stuffed with a flavourful lamb mixture that’s been marinated with spices, garlic, ginger and lemon.  It never disappoints! Try it and let us know what you think.

Another firm favourite is the Mixed Starter, a mixed grill of tandoori chicken, grilled lamb, chicken tikka. This mini meat-fest gives your taste buds a real treat, with meat that cooks to perfection, overflowing with flavour and tenderness.

The Main Event
As you’ll see, the Lateef menu is vast so it’s always hard to make a selection since all the descriptions look so good.  Here are a few of our top picks:

Lamb Rogan Josh – the menu says ‘Medium’ which is pretty spicy, but if you want to heat it up a little then certainly ask the staff, they’ll be happy to add an extra ‘heat index fix’ to it. What stands out about this dish is the absolute tenderness of the lamb, it literally falls apart in your mouth.  Sitting in a luxuriously thick onion based sauce that’s flavoured with chillies (for the heat), bay leaf, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, ginger, and yoghurt (though don’t quote me on this). Yum, my mouth is watering at the very thought?  Note to self – book Lateef this weekend!

Tandoori Chicken – for those not into sauces then we highly recommend the outstanding flavours and texture you’ll find in Lateef’s Tandoori Chicken.  The combination of fresh herbs and tasty spices infuse into the chicken whilst marinating for hours on end.  It’s a simple dish that is always a winner.

As you’d expect, Lateef serves a whole range of traditional Indian/Curry dishes including; Dhansak, Pathia, Jalfrezi, Karahi, Bhuna Tikka, Balti, Korma, Madras, Vindaloo, Phall and Tikka Masala.  With a choice of Chicken, Lamb, Prawn, King Prawn, Salmon, Bengal Fish or Mixed Vegetables. And there is also a selection of Biryani dishes to consider…  I’d say we have sampled each of these at some time or other and never been disappointed with the high standard of cooking as well as fresh products used to create these dishes – which is what we’d expect from the Lateef kitchen.

Additional Accompaniments Lateef Indian food
If you are an avid Indian restaurant connoisseur then you surely have a few side dishes that you can’t live without.  These are ours:

Sag Aloo or Bombay Potato – anything with potato hits the spot for us, but the spices and herbs used to create these two dishes bring them up to the next level of yumminess. And the addition of spinach in the Sag Aloo makes for a truly creamy accompaniment to your meal. Definitely, a couple to consider either at the restaurant or from the Lateef takeaway menu.

Daal Maharani Tarka – no Indian meal would be complete without a conservative helping of Daal.  The creaminess of this dish enhanced by the flavours of garlic and onion make an excellent accompaniment to your meal, and won’t fill you up too much – though everything else you just devoured will!!!

You’ll find an array of Rice dishes on the menu but sometimes the simplicity of Pilau rice works best, especially when you’ve so many other flavours on your plate. However, we suggest sampling the Subzi rice that’s filled with fresh vegetables, the Mushroom pilau with meaty mushrooms to add more flavour, or simply a plain steamed rice.

If you really feel you can add something more to the table – though by now you’ll be feeling a little full I imagine –  select one of the warm, freshly baked Indian bread from the menu.  Keema naan stuffed with minced meat (Lamb, I suspect) is my favourite – tasty soft bread with that surprise in the middle. Or, a simple classic Naan bread will no doubt fill you to the brim!

Final Thoughts
It’s not just a meal that you get when you walk through the door at Lateef, it’s the entire dining experience that you’ll find nowhere else in Sittingbourne or the surrounding area for that matter.  It has a unique ambience whether you are dining as a couple or out with a group of friends and family.  So next time you are looking for somewhere special, or just fancy a midweek meal with your partner, pop along to this Sittingbourne jewel!


Lateef also offers a generous (We had to create a menu for them as their website is awful on a mobile phone and tablet) Indian takeaway menu, and feature special dining menus (eat in only) on the following nights:

Sunday: Moharanis Buffet, an eat as much as you like Indian buffet!
£9.95 per person, £4.95 children. Highly recommended!

Sunday: Mogul Emperors Feast, eat as much as you like from the menu!
£16 per person, children under 5 eat free
If you have a bigger budget then go for it. Highly recommended!

Monday: Maharajas Banquet, choose any starter, main, side dish and rice
£13.95 per person

Wednesday: Wicked Wednesday, any main, any side order, any rice
£12 per person

Special Events / Tribute Nights
For those who enjoy a little musical entertainment then why not venture out to one of the ‘Tribute Nights’ at which Lateef.  Upcoming events include Swing tribute, Reggae night, Elvis tribute, Greece & Dirty Dancing Tribute, 80’s night, Soul & Motown.  Check out the website for full details.

Where to find Lateef Restaurant.

Lateef Indian restaurant is located in downtown Sittingbourne just off the main High St. There address is:

Lateef Restaurant
2 Bell Road,
Kent ME10 4RW

Tel: 01795-476706

Note: Closed on Tuesdays








  1. We have been eating at Lateef almost since the restaurant opened. Always a delicious selection of food and service is okay. They are much better than the British Raj.
    Lateef website is a joke and very difficult to read on a ipad. Also their service is a bit miserable sometimes.
    Still they are the best Indian in Sittingbourne


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