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Cupcakes by Beverly AdamsNo matter what the time of year, what the celebration, or age group we fit into, it seems that the once ‘simple’ Cupcake which has now developed into somewhat of an art form, fits every celebratory occasion.  Mmm…yes….that thick creamy sugary icing sends the taste buds into a state of total ecstasy and fulfils its purpose until the next time we cannot resist the urge for such naughtiness!

As a child my mother used to bake cupcakes on a regular basis, as I remember, butterfly cakes were ‘the thing’, filled with yummy thick butter icing.  And in recent years, whilst living in New York City, I would often visit the amazing Magnolia Bakery in the West Village to join the long queue of sugar-holics’ just waiting to ‘get their fix’ and purchase one of the selections of outrageously delicious offerings.  So it was with great excitement (and much relief!) to find more of the same here in Kent.

CupcakeWe’d come across ‘Cupcake Queen’, Beverly Adams-Reynolds (and her business, Exquisite Vintage Teas) during one of our many visits to Iwade Market (held one Sunday a month – Iwade is a small village on the outskirts of Sittingbourne).  It’s impossible to pass Beverley’s beautifully arranged and inviting market stall, filled with the most artistic and creative cupcakes you’re likely to find anywhere, without salivating at the deliciousness that’s clearly been so lovingly baked, decorated and displayed.

Recently we found an excuse to really test Beverley’s baking skills and order a selection of Cupcakes for a special occasion.  Amazingly, though Beverley was going out of town for a couple of days she offered to prepare ½ dozen decorated cupcakes for us and also to deliver them early on the morning of our event (when I say early I’m talking 6:40am…now that’s great service and commitment!).Cupcakes by Beverly Adams-Reynolds

As promised, Beverley delivered a stunning selection of beautifully designed cupcakes that were just perfect for our needs.  Outrageously thick, sugary sweetness of the icing, as well as elegant, delicate designs in fondant.  A cake case that was moist, yet crumbly… they were the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of coffee and the perfect gift for this special occasion.

Exquisite Vintage High Tea

I also hear from another Iwade friend that there is a range of afternoon tea menus offered by Beverley Beverly Adams-Reynoldsat which she not only creates all the deliciousness on the menu but also serves everything from her own bone china tea service, at the location of your choice!  These are said to be quite exquisite – and having sampled her cakes I can’t say I’m surprised, so one of these days I’m definitely going to treat myself to high tea al la Exquisite Vintage Teas!

Our half dozen cupcakes cost us just £10, that included one additional (special treat cupcake), delivery to the front door, and add to this the fact that these are definitely hand-made originals, I’d say you’ve got yourself quite a deal.  We look forward to more of the same soon Beverley. Thank you.



  1. My daughter shared this to me on Facebook. It’s a Lovely review and well deserved. Have you tried the chocolate cupcakes, our favourites? xx

  2. i Mel, Thanks you for the response. I can’t say I have tried the pure chocolate cupcakes yet. Plenty of time though and I will certainly make sure they are a priority for my next order.


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