Brasserie Gerard Review, Marlborough


Burger at the Brasserie GerardAs it was my partner’s birthday on Friday we decided to go to Marlborough for the weekend. Both of us enjoy photography and we wanted to photograph the beautiful countryside that surrounds Marlborough.

On Saturday we ventured into the main town for a small and lite lunch. After strolling the high street we came across Brassiere Gerard which looked, by far, the most interesting eaterie in the area.

We sat outside and our waiter, John, took our order of French Onion soup with Gruyere toasted croutons, and Crevettes that were sautéed with garlic butter, parsley, tomato, and a baguette. For a quick lite lunch, this was ample and the Crevettes are juicy and quite large. A telling point is that my partner finished the entire dish (an unusual occurrence). The Onion soup was very rich and tasty, and the Gruyere cheese croutons added a little something extra to the overall flavour. I felt, however, that the Onion soup could have been a little lighter as it was rather rich but nonetheless delicious.

We were quite impressed with BrasserieCrevettes at Braseerie Gerard Gerard and immediately booked a table for that very evening to sample more of their menu.

We arrived at approximately 7pm and already the restaurant was beginning to fill up with hungry visitors enjoying the beauty and history of this busy market town.   We opted for a table downstairs and had a chance to view the Bistro-style contemporary décor. Our waiter for the evening was Guy who was very friendly, and knowledgeable about the menu.  He brought us our drinks and then guided us through the various options the menu had to offer.  It is not just the food and the ambience that make a good restaurant but in our opinion good and friendly service.  Unfortunately, we in the UK have not experienced good customer service for some time, however, Brasserie Gerard disproves this clearly by hiring wait staff who actually go that extra mile to make their patrons feel welcome.  Guy gave us a couple of recommendations for our main courses.  My wife chose the Beef Bourguignon and I opted for the 100% Beef burger.

For our appetisers, we decided to share the Escargot at Brasserie GerardEscargot, and Salade d’Aspargus, plus the Toasted Garlic Bread with Gruyere cheese.  We were certainly not disappointed with the starters – the Snails had that perfect and subtle blend of earthiness with the garlic and parsley lending to its overall flavour. I generally prefer Escargot in the shell to give that authentic feel, and of course the whole fun of eating them!  Brasserie Gerard does not serve them this way but directly in the sauce of garlic, butter and parsley.  However, as soon as I tasted them I was not disappointed and enjoyed them immensely. My partner loved the ham wrapped Asparagus with the poached egg – delicious!

When it comes to Beef Bourguignon, my wife, who is a dab hand at preparing this dish herself, and thus feels she is somewhat of an authority on the dish was not disappointed with Brasserie Gerard’s offering –  the beef according to her was delectably tender and the flavours oozed old world France with the hint of British countryside.  I found the burger of ample size and deliciousness, though I would counter it was a little dry  – however, the dressing of Jalapeno peppers, red onions, and Gruyere cheese made up for this and created a very tasty burger indeed.

Both of us have no doubt in our minds that we would recommend this restaurant and have plans to return again when we come to complete our assignment

For more information:
Brasserie Gerard,
99, High Street, Marlborough SN8 1HD
Tel: 01672 511 181



  1. My wife and I have eaten there both of us had the snails and very delicious they were too. but maybe a little salty. Thanks for the other recommendation for food there we will revisit and try the Beef bourguignom how about sharing the beef recipe here. Thanks


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