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Bathroom makeover with Bathrooms Plus

If you’re anything like me, every now and again you’ve just got to give your bathroom a little spring clean, freshen-up and of course brighten up with a few new purchases of beautiful bath linens, bathroom accessories, soaps and lotions.

At Bathroom-Plus they have made your job of searching just a little easier by hand-picking a selection of exquisite bathroom furnishings including bathtubs, showers, bathroom accessories and bath linens as well as bathrooms lotions and potions, candles and ornaments.

Beautiful Bath-Tubs
If you’re in the market for a stylish elegant looking bath tub then take a look at the range at Bathrooms Plus.  They have everything from simple white corner units to colourful free-standing old-fashioned tubs with clawed feet and hand shower. Or perhaps a more modern, sleek look is what you’d like for your new bathroom design.

Filler, Mixers, Standpipes and More – Taps for Every Bathroom Style!
One has to agree that there are just way too many taps option available these days.  Once you’ve chosen that bathtub or basin that a perfect fit for your new bathroom, then the task of selecting a tap seems to complicate the issue and we find ourselves spending hours wandering the aisles of the local DIY store mulling over what we feel will be the right option. Bathrooms-Plus provide a large array of taps here covering the gamut from modern waterfall bath fillers to traditional pillar taps for the bath.  Don’t let this task overwhelm you, just take your time and you’ll find the right design!

Luxurious Linens
By far one of my favourite pastimes is to accessorise the bathroom with vibrant, deeply luxurious bath robes that include bath linens, towels and bath mats.  You’re offered a choice of designer labels here as you mix and match colours and styles, creating a whole new look for your bathroom.

Shower Power
Here’s an area that is always a bone of contention.  I prefer a shower that’s powerful, really beating down giving my skin a rejuvenating massage, but my partner prefers a steady gentle flow of water cascading down over his head.  Whatever your preference there’s something to suit everyone here including electric power shower units and multi-pattern shower heads.

Since your bathroom is somewhere you spend so much time, why not make a little extra effort and find the perfect furnishings and luxurious linens to wrap yourself in following your daily bathing ritual.

Bathrooms Plus is an online bathroom showroom offering bathroom products with style and elegance.

Where to buy?

All items including hardware, and furnishings can be purchased directly from the Bathrooms Plus website at



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