Edge Restaurant Review – A little Taste of Heaven


Ribeye Steak at Edge Restaurant

Edge Restaurant in Alum Chine is all about style. From the plush and elegant décor and furnishings to the ambient lighting and overall presentation, this is clearly a dining establishment where a great deal of attention (and expense) has been invested into creating just the right atmosphere in which to enjoy a very special dining experience.

Offering a selection of pre-dinner ‘platters and nibbles’, our choice of parsnip crisps, marinated olives, sun blushed tomatoes & feta is extremely appetising – something light, and healthy! The freshest crumbly feta topped with wonderfully sweet and juicy tomatoes lightly dripping with oil – a great combination along with the saltiness of the olives and deliciously flavourful and crispy parsnip chips.

I particularly enjoy the fact that throughout the Edge menu there are interesting combinations of foods that work really well together; the chef has clearly put a lot of thought into his unique culinary creations, stamping each dish with his personal signature and making Edge stand out as one of the best restaurants in Bournemouth!

Our appetisers of pan fried Dorset scallops, as well as pork belly & tiger prawn fritters, follow to much delight. Individual tender and succulent scallops sit atop a pile of fresh Provençale sauce accompanied by tiny squares of gratin dauphinoise topped with sautéed chorizo…. Just delicious! Roast Rump of Dorset LambThe diverse flavours and differing textures of the scallop and chorizo make for much joy to the tastebuds! The pork belly & tiger prawn fritters are full of flavour and not what you’d expect. I especially enjoy the accompanying spicy lime and chilli syrup and glass noodles too. This is definitely a favourite of mine!

Edge have a great selection of international wines and also feature a ‘wine of the month’ collection for those who like to experiment with different grape varieties and wine regions. I chose a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Italian Pinot Grigio. Though both were pleasant, I have to say I prefer the Pinot Grigio for its crisp and fresh flavour.

The piece-de-resistance of the dinner has to be the main course, though one could not fault any of the dishes we have thus far devoured. The presentation, flavour, and tenderness of the ribeye steak is exceptional, in fact, I’d say it ranks in my top 5 – juicy and simply cooked to perfection. Another signature piece here are the Edge hand-cut fries, compare for a moment to doorstep slices of bread but in chip form… really crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, all piled atop each other, really beautiful presentation – these are a must for any devotee of the humble potato!

The Dorset Lamb Roast Rump again is beautiful cooked, tender and juicy, accompanied by mouth-wateringly delicious Nicoise garnish – the aubergine in particular really make an impact, as does the rosti potato. All smothered in rosemary jus it was something quite special, and very rich!
Vanilla Panna Cotta with Poached Strawberries Rounds of the Perfect Meal

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Poached StrawberriesOur waiter, Daniel, is extremely professional and very pleasant, checking with us throughout the meal to see if we require anything further, but not in an intrusive way. We are undecided about dessert but since all Edge create everything on the premises it’s too tempting to decline. Upon Daniel’s recommendation we go for the guest dessert, a vanilla and strawberry Panna cotta accompanied by poached strawberries. Again presentation is superb. Smooth, creamy and fruity, the poached strawberries are sublime and it’s all finished off with a delicate crispy tuile biscuit… and that it is, you have arrived in heaven!

There is little more one could wish for after an explosion to the palate like this one. It is rare to find so many good things all in one package, and I imagined during the summer months as one sits on the terrace dining al fresco, and watching the sun go down, there can’t be many better restaurants in Bournemouth to enjoy the view and the company of friends than in this elegant restaurant by the sea.

Edge Restaurant
4th Floor, 2 Studland Rd,
Bournemouth, Dorset, BH4 8JA





  1. I just read the description of the Dorset scallops and my mouth is watering. Yes we will visit restaurant soon and will let you know what we thought. mmm

  2. I had dinner with my husband last week at the Edge Restaurant. Both of us loved the food and will go back this summer.

  3. I went for birthday celebration with my wife and enjoyed the atmosphere. Friendly waitress. The steak was a bit tough for my liking and chewy but everything else good.